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10 ways Tent & Table inflatables stand out from the crowd

Tent & Table's TNT Line of commercial inflatables are designed by people with over 30 years in the rental business. We have incorporated our extensive industry knowledge into the design of our bounce houses, slides and interactive inflatables to make them stand out from our competitors.

Here are 10 features that you can find in the TNT Line of inflatables that aren't available in similar products.

#1. Glossy Vinyl Finish - TNT inflatables use a glossy vinyl, which not only makes them more visually appealing, but it also makes them easier to clean.

#2. Brochure & Business Card Holder - Market your business at all your events using the brochure and business card holder found on all TNT manufactured inflatables. Instead of just holding a simple business card, you can show potential customers an eye-catching brochure of your rental inventory.

#3. Expanding Window Panels - Tent and Table's TNT inflatables feature an extra panel to connect bounce house sidewalls to the base of the unit. This reduces stress on the seams in these area of the inflatable.

#4. Gator Mouth Seams - This seam is found at entrances and exits of our slides and at most places a middle wall is placed on a game. One of the most common repairs on any inflatable game is where the vinyl is sewn at a 90 degree angle to the game. This expansion seam moves the point of impact back several inches and virtually eliminates one of the most common repairs.

#5. 45-degree Angle Blower Tube - In addition to the traditional straight blower tube, TNT inflatables have a blower tube with a 45-degree angle in it to make it easier to inflate your units in a confined area.

#6. Stake D Rings - Tent and Table's TNT line features vinyl loops with  metal D rings to hold stakes. Most commercial inflatables feature a basic vinyl loop that can possibly tear.

#7. Glue Strip and Corner Button Reinforcement - Seams and stitching on TNT inflatables are reinforced with a glued strip of vinyl over them. The corners of the inflatable also reinforced with a special vinyl button patch.

#8. Bounce House Entrance Zippers - Tent and Table's TNT bounce houses come with zipper to close openings to keep riders inside units.

#9. Floor Drain for Water Slide Units - Our Wet/Dry and Water Slide units feature a floor drain to help remove water and aid in preventing mold. Excessive water collection in an inflatable slide landing can create stress on the anchor points and internal construction of the game.

#10. No-Jump Slide Tops - Safe sliding practices are very important in the inflatable industry; all Tent and Tables slides are built with either no jump netting or no jump tubes or a combination of both to force rider to sit and slide. Taller slides have a no-stand platform at the top that forces riders to be seated at all times.

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