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11 ways to be prepared for your next party tent install

2009 20x30 hi peak pole tent 013

If you own your own party rental company, then you've probably come across a number of different issues and pitfalls when installing tents. Sometimes these problems can be avoided with some planning before the tent is put up. Rental Magazine recently put together a handy checklist for party tent rental companies to use when installing and taking down tents. Here's some of their tips to remember before you set up your next tent:

1. Check ground for soil conditions. Loose or wet soil can make it difficult for stakes to hold in the ground, while a harder surface can make driving stakes next to impossible.

2. Determine anchoring needs for tents. Will you be using stakes, water barrels or another method for securing the tent?

3. Go over engineering, both for the tent and accessories attached to the tent.

4. Check accessibility to site. Can you deliver tent directly or will it need to be carried in?

5. Determine install and strike timelines.

6. Look for physical obstructions, such as aerial wires, trees or rocks. Ensures the safety of guests as well as avoids unnecessary damage to your tent.

7. Get clearance on underground electrical or plumbing. Call 811 to get utility lines on the property marked before driving stakes into the ground.

8. Check the temperature for the day of installation.

9. Get permits for the location. Some municipalities require a permit to erect tents depending on their size as well as for fireproofing requirements.

10. Load all tents, accessories, equipment and materials needed.

11. Check parts of the tent, including: webbing, stitching, seams, buckles, snaps, ratchets, winches, frame fittings, tent jacks, pole fittings, frames and joints, for any wear, cracks or cosmetic damage.

Tent and Table has over 25 years of experience in setting up tents in various settings. Contact one of our customer service representatives today for more help in finding the right tents for your rental business.

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