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6 Tips for installing your 20 x 20 High Peak Frame Tent


Installing a 20 x 20 High Peak Frame Tent from Tent and Table is easy and only requires two to three people. However, if you do not do some basic things, you can easily add undue stress onto your tent, which may cause damage. Follow some of these tips for the best results:

Tip #1: Layout the frame and legs first. Make sure the 9’ 3” spreader bars and 8’ legs are properly sorted and being used in the right location.

Tip #2: Make sure the top cross cable is the cable that the center mast pole sits on.

Tip #3: Use 1.5” or 2” ratchet straps to secure the corners of the tent to the feet underneath the 8’ legs. Really ratchet these down so the top is taught. Ratchet ropes are simply not good enough – use the straps. Also, make sure the ratchet hook goes around the “sweet spot” in the corner ropes so the ratchet pulls each valance equally. If you hook the wrong way, the tent top will not be taught and will be uneven, which may cause pooling and tearing.

Tip #4: After your tent is up, make sure the legs are adjusted so there is a slight arch in the perimeter poles. Simply move the legs in a bit to create this slight arch. Having an arch adds support to the legs and the joints should there be any weather events that cause pressure.

Tip #5: You center mast pole has 4 height adjustments. As you use your tent, the ten top will stretch. You can increase the length of your center mast pole to keep the peak and top taught. Paying attention to this adjustment will help you avoid water accumulating on the tent top.

Tip #6: On the underside of the tent tops, there are 3 perimeter clips per side (a total of 12). These clips are simply meant to make sure the tent top is attached to the perimeter poles. DO NOT TIGHTEN THESE. Just clip them and leave them loose. If you tighten these, they will create natural pockets where water can pool.

These are just some tips to help you have a smooth installation and use for your 20 x 20 high peak frame tent. You can download the complete installation instructions by clicking this link

Remember, this is a great tent for short term use (a few days) in good weather conditions. These tents are not meant to be left up for more than a few days in a row. If you need something more durable and more long-term, check out our west coast frame tents. These are our most durable and sturdy tents that are meant for a longer up-time. You can view our West Coast Frame Tents along with replacement parts at:

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