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3 tools you need for your next tent installation

Installing a party tent is a hands on operation. It usually takes a crew of two to four people to set up most tents. There are a few tools that can help streamline the process and take some of the strain off of your setup team. Here are three tools that Tent and Table carries to help with tent installs and tear down.

Frame Tent Jack

This unit helps in the setup of a frame tent. Once the top of the frame is put together, the frame jack can lift it up in the air so the legs can be attached. It reduces the number of people needed for a frame tent installation because you don't need extra bodies to hold the tent frame up. A single person could put up a frame tent using the jack.

Here's a video demonstrating how to use our Frame Tent Jack:

Pole Horse


A pole horse is designed for use with pole tent installations. This device will help installers lift and carry large tent poles. Longer and heavier tent pole can be awkward to carry, but the pole horse allows two people to easily maneuver them around during set up or take down.

Tent Stake Extractor


Designed to assist with taking down tents, tent stake extractors simplify the process of pulling stakes out of the ground. They take away the physical strain of trying to pull stakes out of the ground by hand. Stake extractors also prevents the stake from being bent while being pulled out of the ground as well as minimize additional damage done to the surface/ground around where the stake was placed.

Tent and Table carries a variety of tent installation tools and accessories. Our sales representatives can help you find everything you need for your party tent rental business.

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