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5 Inflatable Accessories You Should Have For Your Business




Owning an inflatable bounce house business is an exciting and growing business. With a continually growing selection of inflatable equipment to choose from for your business, the potential to grow your inflatables into a lucrative business is limitless.


While inflatable structures are essential for a bouncer business, so are the accessories needed to operate, maintain and repair the inflatable structures. Without the accessories, the owners cannot inflate and operate their funhouses effectively.


The 5 most essential accessories every business needs include:


Inflatable Blowers


Durable, commercial grade blowers are needed to blow air into the bouncers to keep them inflated and operational. A blower is needed for each unit. The size of the blower is dependent on the size of the bounce structure as well as the number of blowers the structure requires to inflate. At Tent and Table, we have our own line of zoom blowers. These blowers are the only ones on the market that are UL listed, guaranteeing a long lasting, durable product. Blowers come in a variety of amp ranges from 450 watt to 3.0 HP for continuous use.


Sealed Air Pumps


These pumps are used to inflate jousting poles, zorb balls and other inflatable accessory pieces. The sealed air pumps are designed to ensure that the structure stays inflated.


Anchoring Accessories


Inflatable structures need to be anchored to the ground when air is blown in. To do this, operators need to hold the bounce house in place using sandbags, waterbags when the bounce house is set up on concrete. Spikes are used to hold these inflatables in place on earth and other surfaces. We also have water and sandbag parts to ensure long time use.


Inflatable Repair Accessories and Parts


Tent and Table uses the highest quality, most durable vinyl, sealants and thread to design our inflatables. They are market tested before being sold to make sure our products exceeds government standards. However, all inflatable units will, over time, go through natural wear-and-tear. We have many tools and accessories to repair the bounce houses and replace weathered parts. Well maintained inflatables will last longer and continue to operate properly. Some of the accessories needed to repair bounce houses include repair kits, vinyl sealants, blower and water tubes, straps, water tube guides and heat guns.


Inflatable Equipment Storage Bags


When bounce houses are not being used, they should be stored in a high quality storage bag. The bags protect the inflatable from dirt and debris, sunlight exposure, animals, insects, and unnatural wear-and-tear as a result of scraping the structure against hard, rough surfaces. They also make carrying and storing the bouncers easier and more convenient. The bags come in a variety of sizes depending on the size on the inflatable structure. The storage bags should be large enough to hold the entire unit and it's accessories so that nothing gets lost, damaged or misplaced.


Operating an inflatable bounce house business requires more than just purchasing bounce houses. There are many accessories needed to properly operate and maintain inflatable structures. A good supply of inflatable accessories will ensure proper operation of the fun houses and ensure a longer lifespan of the inflatable.


Tent and Table has high quality bouncers and accessories to help your business succeed.

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