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5 Reasons To Start An Inflatable Rental Business

Dinasaur Kingdom InflatableMany people dream of owning their own business. Not having a boss to answer to, financial stability and being in control of your own work schedule are career goals that many people aspire to. But the challenge that many would be entrepreneurs face is determining what is the best type of business to start. There are many key factors that play a role when deciding what is the best business to open. Initial upfront costs, skills and knowledge, market demand, demographics, available space and equipment needed are just some of the considerations that future business owners ponder when trying to figure out what type of business they want to own.


Inflatable rental businesses have grown in popularity over the past decade. These popular structures have created a large market demand that makes owning an inflatable rental business a great opportunity for many entrepreneurs.


There are many reasons to own an inflatable rental business. Here are the top 5 reasons:


1.  Inexpensive Start Up Costs.


One of the most appealing factors of owning an inflatable rental business is the relatively low start up costs. Most new business owners start by purchasing 1 or 2 units and then adding to their inventory as their business grows. Inflatable units and bounce houses vary in price depending on the unit. As a business owner just starting out, you can evaluate your budget, determine how much you can realistically spend to start your business and purchase bouncers based on your financial status. At Tent and Table, we have many financial payment options available to help purchase equipment. We also have new and used equipment for sale.


2.  They Pay For Themselves.


Inflatables are in high demand and are often rented on an hourly or daily basis. The inflatable bounce houses easily pay for themselves after 1 or 2 events. This return on investment makes this an ideal business to start. Not only do the units pay for themselves rather quickly, but, once paid for, the business owner starts to earn a profit, making this business venture very appealing.


3.  Year Long Opportunities.


Inflatable rentals are perfect for any community, any event, any party size and any type of celebration. Every season, every month and every holiday creates an opportunity for individuals, corporations, schools, churches and communities to rent inflatable units. There are always parties, festivals, fundraisers and celebrations that want inflatable structures and bounce houses. This creates endless year long opportunities for the budding entrepreneur to market and build a business.


4.  Ongoing Demand.


The demand for renting inflatable bounce houses and interactives is growing in popularity. More and more individuals, organizations and communities are renting bouncers for their functions. They are easy to set up and take down, require minimal preparation or cleanup, come in a variety of themes and designs and are safe for children to use. The overall appeal of inflatable funhouses has increased their popularity and will continue to increase their public appeal for quality, affordable fun.


5. Variety of Inflatable Units and Bouncers Available.


There are many types of inflatable units and bounce houses available on the market. Every year, new structures are designed and made available for businesses to purchase. This vast selection of available inflatable activities and structures allows business owners to create their own unique stock of inflatable rental units that they can market to a demanding public.


There is no shortage in demand for renting inflatable structures by the public. The ongoing demand for fun, safe and easy-to-set-up fun has made inflatable units a highly popular entertainment option for private and public functions. This demand has also created a growing market for inflatable rental businesses. Budding entrepreneurs looking to start their own successful business should consider an inflatable fun house rental business. At Tent and Table, we can help you get started and grow your own successful business.



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