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6 Ways To Build Your Email Subscribers List For Your Online Newsletter

Online newsletters are an important marketing tool for businesses. Newsletters help build relationships with new and existing customers, keep customers up-to-date on information and promotions, increase the volume of sales and is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing.


Newsletters, need to be well written and regularly distributed to a list of subscribers. No matter how well designed your newsletter is, it won't help you promote your business if no one sees it. There are many ways to increase your email mailing list.


1. Adding A Newsletter Subscriber Box On Your Website


Your website is one of your primary introductions to your business. Customers looking online for inflatable services will come across your website. Therefore putting a subscriber box on your website so that people can add their email address is important. The subscriber box should be at the top of each page of your website so that it is visible. Few customers scroll all the way down a website page so it's important to have the box where it can be easily and instantly seen.


2. Advertising At Trade Shows And Events


Every trade show or event that you attend is an opportunity to promote your business and increase your email mailing list. Adding a contest will help greatly when trying to obtain email addresses. By having a contest where people have to enter by leaving their email address as part of the contact information is a great way to increase your mailing list.


3. Offering Freebies And Promotions


Everyone loves a deal or sale. Offering a discount or promotion to customers who subscribe to your online newsletter will not only increase your email mailing list, but your sales as well.


4. Referrals From Friends And Family


Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market and promote your business. Friends and family are your first customers and supporters, especially when a business is first starting. They are a great asset when it comes to marketing your business because they have many contacts of their own who can use your service. Asking them to refer your website or business to their friends, coworkers, family and associates will help increase your email mailing list and sales.


5. Using Social Media Sites


Almost everyone uses at least one or more forms of social media. Not only is social media a personal form of relationship building and communication, but businesses are benefiting significantly from marketing themselves on social media sites. These sites are an excellent way to communicate to existing and potential customers, keep customers up-to-date and build strong relationships. Adding widgets on your newsletter so that they can be shared on your social media sites will give you exposure. Also adding a newsletter subscriber section to all of your social media sites will greatly help increase your subscriber lists.


6. Marketing Should Be Ongoing And Planned


Marketing is an ongoing, endless part of owning a business. It is not a one time venture, but instead needs to be done regularly and at any and every opportunity. Every business card, marketing tool , literature, online site that you have for your business should also have an area where customers can sign up for your online newsletter. Building your subscribers list needs to be a continual part of your daily operations. By developing a marketing plan, you can keep the momentum of present and future marketing strategies to build your email mailing list and customer base.



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