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7 things to do before storing your party tents


The outdoor event season has come to a close for most of the United States, and now is the time to start packing away your inventory of commercial party tents for the winter. Here are some helpful tips, courtesy of Rental Magazine, on what you should do when packing up your party tents.

1. Make sure the tent is clean and dry. This will prevent your vinyl tent tops from getting moldy as well as save on cleaning time when you get the tents back out next season.

2. Patch rips, cuts and tears. Again, this will save you time when next season starts, but it can also prevent these rips and tears from potentially getting worse in storage.

3. Repair any damage to framing.

4. Wipe down hardware.

5. Neatly roll or fold vinyl. This can prevent vinyl from becoming wrinkled.

6. Seal tent in a bag, barrel or racking system to keep out dirt and dust.

7. Maintain tent storage temperature. Keeping tents, especially the vinyl tent tops, in a cool environment can assure the longevity of your tents.

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