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8 things to remember when setting up a party tent

40x80 WestCoastFrameTwinTubeTent-004Last month we shared some tips to keep in mind before you set up your next party tent. We've gone back and found some more courtesy of Rental Magazine that are helpful for when you are doing your next tent install.

1. Keep vinyl dry. Wet or damp vinyl can develop mold, which will hurt the professional look of your tent tops.

2. Use clean and dry drop-cloths or tarps. This prevents from getting dirt, mud or debris on your tent tops if you're setting up on grass. It can also prevent pinholes or tears from rocks and gravel if you are installing a tent on pavement or black top.

3. Check tent fabric for pinholes or damage. The most obvious reason for this is that your customer is not going to want a damaged tent, but they might not see minor damage that could turn into something worse during their event. Pinholes will let water leak and small holes can tear further in less than favorable weather conditions.

4. Check framing and poles for fractures, cracks or bends. Make sure your frame or poles will maintain their integrity the entire time the tent is installed.

5. Keep an eye on the weather. Sudden or forecasted inclement weather may force you to adjust your schedule or location for install and/or take down.

6. Check anchor points. Is the surface where you are going to anchor the tent solid enough for a secure installation?

7. Check and tighten all nuts, washers and bolts. This will ensure the structural integrity of your tent.

8. Assure that fabric tensioning is firm. This will, obviously, make your tent look professional, more importantly it will prevent water from pooling on the tent top.

Tent and Table carries a wide selection of party tents that can fit a variety of budgets and settings. Speak with one of our sales reps to find the right tents to fit your event or rental company.

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