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Adding Sky Dancers To Increase Your Inflatable Business

sky dancersInflatable sky dancers are a great way to promote and expand an inflatable rental business. Many businesses, restaurants and events use sky dancers to draw attention to their location as a way to increase traffic flow. These 18 feet long inflatable tubes with extending arms and a smiling face dance freely when air is blown into the tube body by a blower. Their cheerful expressions and charismatic moves easily catch the attention of oncoming traffic and pedestrians.


Tent and Table has a variety of sky dance inflatables for a growing business to choose from. Our dancers come in a variety of colors and designs to reflect the personal needs and tastes of customers. We also have many theme dancers including a gray chef dancer, a clown dancer and a red arrow sky dancer to choose from.


A holiday sky dancer is great way for a store, business or restaurant to draw attention to their holiday events. These creative dancing inflatables will bring holiday cheer to customers and businesses with their festive moves. Tent and Table sells Santa dancers, Halloween inflatables and Uncle Sam sky dancers. Our American flag inflatable dancer is the perfect accessory for your customers to show patriotism or to celebrate the 4th of July at their events.


Each dancer is made of the best quality, government approved vinyl and are reinforced with the toughest thread and most durable sealants. Our inflatables exceed all standards and are tested before going on the market to ensure durability and reliability.


Sky dancers are a great way to grow and expand your inflatable business. They are inexpensive, easy to store and can be rented out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Tent and Table has the quality equipment with a variety of choices you need to help you start, grow or expand your inflatable rental business.


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