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Adding Videos To Your Marketing Strategy To Attract Customers

One of this year's top marketing trends is video marketing. With the growing popularity of video streaming, creating short videos about your business and posting them online has become an essential marketing strategy to connect with your customers and attract new ones.


Video marketing has become popular because it engages with customers in ways that written articles do not. Videos are crucial for driving traffic to your website and promoting your services. However, if they are not done right, videos can also drive traffic away from your business.


When creating videos to promote your business, here are some tips to help ensure that your mini movies will drive traffic to your site and generate leads:


Set A Budget


It takes a lot more than just pulling out your phone or device out and filming to create a quality video about your company. Unless you, or someone close to you, is good at making high quality, professional videos, hiring someone to do it costs money. As part of your budget planning, you should have money set aside for marketing. Before making videos, research the costs involved and review your budget to make sure there is money available to create your videos.


Create Professional Videos


As mentioned above, the videos are not something that is filmed off of your technology device or phone. Like any other marketing or promotional material, they have to look professional. People will watch well crafted, interesting video, but a poorly made film will quickly turn people away.


Tell A Story


The broadcast that you create will be a short story of your services. Therefore, before creating your promotional film, you need to decide what information you want to tell an audience about your business or service. It might be an introduction of your company, an event you hosted, new products or services, an introduction to your staff or an information piece to let people know what your upcoming specials are. By planning the contents of your recording ahead of time, you will be able to create a well crafted film that shows your audience what you want them to know or see.


Keep It Short But Sweet


On average, your recorded piece should not be any longer than 60 seconds in length. People are not interested in watching a movie, they just want to see a quick and interesting clip about something interesting. Your videos need to be brief and to the point.


Know Where To Promote Your Video


To maximize your views, it's important that you know where to post your video and when. Planning strategies for putting your video online will help increase traffic flow to your site. Business websites, online newsletters and social media pages are the most common places. But there are also many other sites and pages. Researching the internet and webpage services in your area to find out where you can attract the most customers before posting your video. By knowing where to get the most attention, you will be able to upload your films so that they are seen.


Video streaming has become paramount in today's world of business marketing. Creating and uploading films about your company is important for attracting and engaging an audience. But with the millions of videos posted daily, it's important that you create high quality, unique videos so that they will stand out among the rest.


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