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Planning the Tent and Table Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics from Rio de Janeiro  are just a month away. To help you get ready, Tent and Table will be putting together some special sports-related promos during the month of July as we count down to the opening of the games.

The upcoming Summer Olympiad had us thinking about putting on our own Olympics. What events would the Tent and Table Olympics have? Here's a few ideas we came up with:

7_element_obstacle_course_ryb_-041Inflatable Obstacle Course

This one was pretty obvious, but you couldn't do a Tent and Table Olympics without one of our challenging obstacle course inflatables. We, of course, would use one of our Mega Obstacle Courses for this competition. You could do an individual competition with two athletes going head-to-head or do a team format where the team (or country) with the fastest combined time through the obstacle course wins the gold medal.


Basketball is a popular sport during the Summer games, so the Tent and Table Games needs to have it as well. We'll set up our inflatable Hoops Basketball Shot game and see who can sink the most buckets.


The world's most popular game is also a big part of the Summer Olympics. That's why our PK Soccer Shootout will be featured at the Tent and Table Games.  Did you know that Hungary and Great Britain are tied for the most gold medals in men's soccer at the Summer Olympics?

Zorb Balls

Zorb Balls would be our version of Track & Field. Athletes could race each other inside Zorb Balls on one of our tracks. We could also use these for a water sport as Zorb Balls are fun to run on the water as well.

Water Slides

Speaking of water sports, how about a double lane water slide for some fun competition? I wonder which country would have the best athletes for water slide races. The United States must have an advantage because the first water slide was built in our country.


Boxing is another classic Olympic sport. Our Inflatable Boxing Ring is perfect for the Boxing event at the Tent and Table games. The United States has won 50 Olympic Gold Medals for boxing.

What sports would you add to the Tent and Table Olympics? Which country do you think would win the most medals? Post your answers on our Facebook page or tweet them to us @TentandTableNet

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