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Beat the heat this summer with inflatable water slides & slip n' slides

15_backyard_slide_blue_la-sl-wtdry-15blue_1As we hit the start of the busy outdoor event season, make sure your rental company is prepared for the warm weather months with plenty of inflatable water slides and slip n' slides in your inventory.

Tent and Table's line of classic 15 foot inflatable slides is perfect for this time of year and they are some of our most popular models. What makes these units ideal for rental businesses is their relatively lightweight and compact design, their affordability and quick return on investment value and their mass appeal with various age groups.

Weighing in at less than 300 pounds when deflated, our 15 foot inflatable slides are designed for easy transport and quick setup that can be done easily by one or two people. These slides take up an area of 25' x 12' when inflated, which will fit your average backyard. Each inflatable comes with its own storage bag with handles and is easy to carry and store.

Our 15 foot inflatable slides are also very affordable. This small investment should lead to big returns as similar units rent for, on average, $250-500 per day depending on market size. That means you should be able to cover your cost in less than ten rentals.

Tent and Table's inflatable slides are great to use either wet or dry. That provides a great option for your customers in case of cooler than normal weather. It also extends the amount of time that you can rent out slides into the spring and fall months to generate even more revenue for your business.

Another affordable and popular option for the summer season are our inflatable slip n' slides. These commercial quality units take the fun of the traditional backyard slip n' slide and supersize it into an eye-catching and playful inflatable attraction.

Both our inflatable slides and slip n' slides are great for kids of all ages and even adults. These commercial quality units can hold approximately 200 lbs per person and everyone enjoys a cool, splashing slide on a warm summer day. These slides are built with only the most durable vinyl available to ensure the longest lifespan of the inflatables. The seams are reinforced using  the best thread and sealants on the market so that they won't tear or leak.

Be sure to look at our full inventory of inflatable slides for even more options, but our 15 foot water slides and slip n' slides are affordable units that will be a big hit with your rental customers.

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