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Selecting the best blower for your inflatables

zoom_blowers_logo We offer a diverse selection of commercial and residential inflatable blowers for sale here at Tent and Table. We recommend Zoom Blowers for use with all of our inflatable bounce houses, slides and interactive games. Zoom blowers are high quality, powerful commercial air movers designed for fast set up of bouncy houses, slides, and inflatables.

Zoom Blowers are built to last with a rugged and durable design. These commercial bounce house blowers are put through rigorous testing for fireproofing, rain-proofing and durability. Zoom Blowers are also UL listed, ranking them above other brands for safety. In fact, Zoom Blowers are the only commercial blowers on the market with a full line of UL listed products.

Tent and Table sells three different lines of Zoom inflatable blowers, and each is optimized for a specific application. Be sure to check out the following guide to help you identify which inflatable blower is right for your needs.



XLT Series

Zoom Blowers' XLT Series is specifically made for commercial bounce houses or commercial inflatables.  They are designed for power and durability. Zoom XLT Blowers are ideal for the commercial rental industry. With their dual air intakes, space saving design, and innovative trouble shooting illuminated 14-gauge cord Zoom XLT Blowers are among the strongest on the market. The chute is 2 inches longer than other blowers available in the market. XLT blowers are stackable either standing or flat making them easy to move and store. The Zoom XLT line also offers a never-before-seen on the market 3HP unit that is guaranteed to bring the oldest inflatables back to life. They are the new standard in commercial inflatable blowers.


FEC Series

Zoom FEC blowers are designed with indoor fun centers in mind. Zoom FEC blowers are the quietest commercial blowers on the market, under 90 decibels, but still offer a ton of power. Zoom FEC blowers are also lightweight, as low as 31 pounds, and come with an innovative trouble shooting illuminated 14-gauge cord making them easier on operators.


W Series

Zoom W Series blowers provide commercial-grade durability in a blower that is optimal for residential use. They feature a chute designed for use with the smaller air tubes found on residential and consumer-grade bounce houses and inflatables. It is also excellent for displaying advertising and promotional inflatables, including arches and mascots. Zoom W Series blowers are strikingly lightweight and powerful, making it a very efficient choice for your inflatable solutions. The W-4L 780-Watt model also includes a version with a GFI breaker in plug for protection.

No matter which line of Zoom Blowers you select, you can be assured that you will receive a top quality inflatable blower. Contact our sales reps for more information about Zoom Blowers.

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