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Building Your Brand With A Well Designed, Professional Logo

There is always a lot to do when first starting a business. Setting up your business, buying equipment, marketing and managing the finances are just a few of the tasks that new entrepreneurs must learn. Because there is so much to do when first starting a business, some tasks, like designing a business logo, can easily be overlooked or added to the bottom of the to-do list. However, the logo is plays a significant role in building your business brand and should be part of your business start-up plan.


Your logo is the first impression that the public has of your business. An effective logo can help attract customers, but a poorly designed logo can actually turn people away. The logo you design will represent your business for many years and will be on everything from your website, business cards, marketing materials such as vehicles, company shirts, name tags, inflatable units and stationary.


A business logo is part of the branding of your services. Building your brand plays an essential role in creating and growing a successful business. Your logo will be seen by the public, therefore, it should look professional. It needs to be clearly and attractively designed.


Before creating your logo, think about what kind of logo you want. There are 3 different types of business logos:


Font Based Text Logo


Font based text logo use letters and numbers in the design. This logo is a great way to market your business because it gives companies a competitive edge and is easy to remember. The letters used in this logo can be different colors, sizes or font shapes to suit your business needs. This logo is relatively simple in design and communicates the company's name to the customers instantly.


Illustration Logos


Illustration logos use detailed pictures or images to represent their company. Illustration logos are a great way to express your company's services and overall atmosphere or personality. This logo is better suited towards certain industries such as child or pet related businesses.


Abstract Logos


This type of logo uses abstract symbols to represent a company. This type of logo is a great way to express your creativity in the design and style. The symbols used can be simple or complex and often leave a lasting impression on customers because of their uniqueness.


When deciding on the type of logo you want to represent your company, you need to first decide what you want the logo to tell people about your services. The logo needs to be well designed and look professional. Logos play an essential role in marketing your company by building your business brand. The sooner you develop your logo, the sooner you will start building your brand with your target market.


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