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Double the fun with Bounce House/Slide combos

unnamed_5If you're looking to add a versatile inflatable unit to your party or event rental company, then you should take a look at our Double Lane Bounce House/Wet or Dry Slide Combos. These commercial inflatable units are a great 2-in-1 package with a traditional bounce house and an attached inflatable two-lane slide. Inside the bounce house is a climbing wall that riders can use to access the top of the slide.

Bounce houses with double lane slides are excellent for events with large numbers of people, especially children. The dual lanes allow you to get more people on and off the slide quicker to keep the line moving. The anticipation of exiting the bounce house via a fun bouncy slide instead of just climbing out an exit door will also help keep kids moving through the bounce house, which also give more people a turn.

In addition to their added entertainment value, bounce house/slide combos come in a variety of colors and themes, which make them ideal for a number of events. Our Tiki Double Lane Bounce House/Slide combo is a fun addition to any party that has a tropical or beach theme, including Hawaiian luaus. The Princess Bounce House/Slide combo will be a hit at any little girl's birthday party.

Bounce house/slide combos can also provide some cool fun during the warm summer months. The bounce house features a roof, which provides shade for those jumping around inside the inflatable. You can also attach one of our misting hoses and turn the slide into a water slide. Water pools at the end of the slide so riders will make a big splash when they hit the bottom. We've designed these bounce house/slide combos specifically for both wet and dry applications with seams and sealants that can withstand use as a water slide.

Whether you think the bounce houses in your rental inventory have gotten stale or if you are looking to expand your inflatable offerings, these bounce house/double lane slide combos will be a big hit with your customers this season.

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