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Tent and Table Frame Tent Buying Guide

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This is the first in a series of buying guides to help customers decide which of our products are right for them based on their needs. We will attempt to explain what makes each product unique and any details that should be considered when purchasing a specific item (space needed for installation, time/manpower needed to install, tools or equipment needed for setup, etc.).

This buying guide will cover Tent and Table's line of commercial frame tents, including West Coast Frame Tents and High Peak Frame Tents. Frame tents are ideal for the commercial rental industry because they are sturdy and can be used in a variety of settings and environments.


Frame tents are freestanding tents; they can be set up on grass, asphalt, concrete or decks. They are ideal for setting up close to buildings, as no extra space is needed for guy ropes.

A frame tent has no center poles allowing for more flexibility with the interior space. The actual frame of the tent is made of aluminum pipes that are visible along the inside of the tent top (west coast) or with cross cables (high peak). Frame tents are sturdy, and unlike traditional pole tents, frame tents are more resistant to wind and other weather conditions making them ideal for long term setup.

Although Guy ropes are not needed to support the structure, a frame tent still needs to be staked to the ground, anchored to inserts, tied off to concrete weights or a combination of these anchoring methods.

During installation, the frame is typically built on the ground and the PVC fabric top is skinned over the frame and the frame is lifted into place.

40x80 WestCoastFrameTwinTubeTent-006


West coast frame tents are an expandable system. This means that the same components, pipes, and fittings can be used to build a variety of different sizes. We offer our standard single tube frame tents in sizes of 10’x 10’, 10’x 20’, 15’x 15’, 15’x 30’, 20’x 20’, 20’x 30’, 20’x 40’ and 20’x 60‘. These eight different tent sizes share common size pipes and fittings. Many rental customers prefer this system because with only five different lengths of pipe and six different fittings they can assemble eight different common tent sizes. Larger tents: 30’x 30’, 30’x 45’, 30’x 60’, 40’x 40’, 40’x 60’, 40’x 80’ and 40’x 100’ use a heavier duty double tube pipe. These pipes and fittings will mix and match with most other manufacturer’s west coast frame tent parts.

All our west coast frames use either a two-inch diameter single tube or a 2” x 4” inch double tube clear, anodized aluminum pipe. Our west coat frame fittings manufactured from 1.25" schedule 40 steel pipe and finished with a zinc plating.

Twenty foot wide frame tents have a one-piece top, whereas, 30 and 40-feet wide tent have sectional tops that can be laced together to obtain any desired length. All tent tops are built using 16oz blockout PVC coated polyester with the following features:

  • • Flame resistant, mold and mildew resistant vinyl
  • • 1" heat sealed overlap seams
  • • Polyester sidewall rope fastened with polyester webbing
  • • Replaceable sidewall rope
  • • 2" nylon webbing and multi layered reinforcement at all pole locations
  • • Identification and flame certificate label heat bonded to each top



The Prestige series frame tents are designed with a high peak supported by a center mast resting on steel cross cables. This design eliminates the need for longer, visible framework that is used in a west coast style tent. These tents have a simple elegant design that allows for easy transportation and storage. The set up on these tents is easy; most 20-feet wide tents require only two people and can be set up in half the time of other traditional frame tents. With 50% fewer parts than a traditional west coast frame tent, installation and take down times are reduced as well as the cost of shipping and handling.

High peak tents are available in most common sizes, 10’x 10’, 10’x 20’, 15’x 15’, 20’x 20’, 20’x 30’, 20’x 40’ and 30’x 30’. The prestige series also offers a hexagon style tent that allows any of our 20-feet wide high peak tents to be joined to it creating a stunning modular effect.

All high peak frame tent have the following features:

  • • Top is constructed with 16 oz. blockout material
  • • Top is flame resistant, mold & mildew resistant vinyl
  • • All panels are bonded with 1” heat sealed overlapped seams
  • • 2 1/2” diameter, 1/8” wall thickness, heavy-duty anodized aluminum (6061- T6 aluminum) frame, cast aluminum corner fittings & base plates
  • • 95% of tent top is bonded with HEAT SEALED construction
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