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Get the Right Size Tent For Your Event

Commercial party tents are a great addition to any outdoor event and are essential for large and/or more formal gatherings. Tent and Table carries a variety of tent styles and sizes that are ideal for numerous functions and venues.

One other thing to consider is, of course, the number of guests that will be attending your event. Make sure you purchase or rent a tent big enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. We've assembled a handy guide for you to use when planning your outdoor event so you can pick the right size tent.

chart]For larger events you may want to use a West Coast or High Peak frame tent as they have no center poles which allow for more flexibility with interior space. Pole Tents can be more visually appealing, however,  with the peaks and dips in the overall tent shape as well as no visible metal frame on the inside. Tent poles can also be decorated to fit the theme of an event.

If you still can't decide, contact one of our sales reps and they help select the right tent for your event.


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