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Getting Ready For The Super Bowl By Promoting Your Inflatable Business

The excitement is already starting to build as people across the country are eagerly waiting for the 50th Super Bowl game. With only a week to go, the Super Bowl creates a excellent opportunity to promote your inflatable rental business.


Many people are going to be hosting or attending parties and celebrations for the big game day. As a business owner, you can market your services for this event, in many ways.


Running Super Bowl Promotions


Super Bowl specific promotions or sales are a great way to increase business. People like to save money so having a Super Bowl sale will attract customers.The sales will not only give your clients ideas for their football party but for other upcoming events as well. Offer discounts on select rentals or packages during the week of Super Bowl with an added bonus given to those who book during the Super Bowl weekend. This will help increase business as clients contact you to book their upcoming events.


Hold A Super Bowl Themed Contest


Holding a Super Bowl themed contest is a great way to attract new customers and increase business. People like to win prizes. With a contest, you can establish the rules, choose a the prize, decide what the criteria will be to enter the contest, and establish all the other necessary details and requirements. But before holding any contest, make sure you have all of the information you will need regarding legal, insurance licensing and civic requirements to hold a contest.


Have Football Designed Inflatable Units And Games


There are lots of great inflatable structures and party games that directly relate to football. Some have players kicking the ball while other activities want the participants to throw the football to a target. These units are highly popular at this time and are easy to promote to customers. There is nothing more entertaining than playing a football themed game or renting an football style inflatable interactive during Super Bowl season. If you don't have any football themed interactives, consider purchasing some. They are great for all types of parties throughout the year whether it's football season or not.


Create Football Themed Packages


Once you have the football games, then you can develop and promote football themed party packages to rent at lower prices. Customers like premade rental packages because they save the time and money. It's much easier and more convenient for customers to choose a premade package than try to decide on their own what to rent.


Promote Your Services And Sales In Your Newsletter


When developing your newsletter, add information about football and the services you're offering during the Super Bowl season. Not everyone associates inflatable rentals with football games so it's important that you tell your customers about the services and products you can offer them for their football themed parties.


The Super Bowl is a great opportunity to promote your inflatable rental business to customers. With planning, you can develop an excellent promotional campaign to increase business during the Super Bowl season.

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