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Growing a Successful Inflatable Business

5n1For the person who enjoys working with people and bringing fun to any event, renting out inflatable play structures is the perfect business to get into. An inflatable rental business can grow very rapidly into a lucrative business. The startup costs can be financed over a period of time so that the business can become profitable sooner.


To grow the inflatable business, a business owner first needs to spend time researching the units he or she wants to buy. Purchasing the best inflatable at the beginning of your business is the first step in building a successful inflatable business. When purchasing inventory, business owners should look for:


Quality and Durability

Inflatables are your biggest asset but they can also be your biggest liability. As a business owner, renting high quality, durable bounce houses to customers is essential to growing a successful business. With set rental times, clients do not want to have bouncers that are going to tear or malfunction in any way. To grow a successful business, it is essential to have a quality product that is guaranteed to do the job it is set to do.


Tent and Table inflatable units are made with the highest quality, strongest vinyl on the market to ensure that the bouncers will not rip or tear. We only use vinyl materials that exceed all government standards. The seams and sealed edges are reinforced to ensure that our bouncers do not come apart during use. Areas on the bouncers that are more prone to higher traffic have replacement padding to reduce wear and tear.


Each inflatable comes in its own storage bag. These bags are made of durable materials that will protect the bouncer when it's not in use.


Safety and Design

Another essential part of growing a successful inflatable business is safety. The inflatable bouncers must be safe to use. Every bouncer should have safety features that will prevent slipping, falling or other injuries. At Tent and Table, safety has always been paramount in the design and construction of our bouncers.


Our units are made with high safety walls, mesh sides, non-slip surfaces, anti-jump tubes and netting at the entrance ways and exits. Our water bouncers have built-in integration water systems and glued on drainage valves to reduce water build up in the inflatable bouncer. We reinforce the seams on our slides and bent corners with the highest quality sealants to ensure that they do not come apart during use.


Tent and Table field tests all of our inflatable structures before they are put on the market. We test every product thoroughly for safety, quality of the design and durability. When a business owner purchases one of our bouncers, they can be reassured that they are purchasing a high quality product that has every possible safety feature built in.


Easy Set Up and Storage

Both business owners and customers do not want a lot of time spent on set up of the inflatable bouncers. As a business owner, this time reduces profitability. That is why each one of our inflatable bouncers come with 2 inflation tubes, several deflation zippers and an easy-to-carry storage bag. Our inflatables take minimal amount of time to set up, deflate and pack in the bags.


Purchasing high quality, safe and durable bouncers is the first major step in growing a successful inflatable business. We are here to help by ensuring that our products are made of the most superior quality. Purchasing one of our inflatable units is the first step in growing your successful inflatable business.

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