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How To Properly Maintain Your Inflatable Units For A Longer Lifespan




Renting inflatable units for parties and events has become very popular the last few years. They are relatively inexpensive to rent, easy to set up and guarantee hours of fun and entertainment for children and adults.


With the high demand and usage, there is no doubt that inflatable structures will go through natural wear and tear. The high volume of people using the inflatable at any event will put pressure on the material, seams and accessories, which can damage the equipment.


The bouncers and inflatable products at Tent and Table are made with the best vinyl and sealing materials on the market. Our products exceed all government standards in quality, durability and safety. However even the highest quality inflatable products will still go through natural aging and erosion over time. To keep inflatable equipment lasting longer, it is important to properly clean and maintain them.



Here are some tips on how to properly maintain your inflatable product:


Set Up


Inflatable units should never be set up on an abrasive surface such as asphalt or concrete. Any movement will cause the unit to rub against the ground and create friction. The friction between the ground surface and the unit will damage the bottom of the structure. If a structure cannot be set up on a non abrasive surface, putting a tarp on the ground and placing the inflatable rental on top of the tarp will protect the bottom against friction.


Cleaning Inflatables and Bouncers


Units should be cleaned after every use and after they have been in storage for any period of time. When cleaning an inflatable play structure or bouncer, never use toxic chemicals or solvents. These substances will erode the vinyl and strip the paint off. Mild detergents and cleaners and water should only be used for washing the inflatable products. If the stains are more difficult to remove, only non toxic cleaners that have been approved by Tent and Table should be used to remove the difficult stain.


Harsh scrubbers or brushes should never be used on the vinyl material. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe the structure with. Never use power washers as they can damage the unit. A bucket of water or a garden hose is much more gentle and will not damage the product.


Inflatables and bounce houses should be packed away only after they are completely dry. If there is any moisture on the unit, mildew can form. Once mildew forms on the vinyl, it cannot be removed. Units should always be checked thoroughly to make sure that they are completely dry and that there is no mildew forming anywhere on the vinyl material.


Repairing Rips and Tears


No matter how well an inflatable structure is made or maintained, it will still rip and tear over time. It is important that the equipment be checked regularly for any weakened areas, nicks, tears, scratches or rips. Small damaged areas might not affect the functioning of the rental, but they will grow bigger. Fixing or replacing damaged areas as soon as possible will prevent the cuts and abrasions from growing larger and impacting the entire inflatable product. At Tent and Table, we sell repair kits and replacement parts for all of our inflatable merchandise.


Proper Packing and Storing


Inflatable and bounce houses should be packed and stored properly so that weather elements, dust, debris and bugs cannot get on the material and cause damage. We sell storage bags in various sizes to store your units. We also have tarps to provide added protection. Inflatable equipment should be stored in a safe, clean, dry and well ventilated area. When dismantled, a unit should never be dragged on any surface as that will also cause damage. Instead, they should be carried or wheeled on a trolley.


As a business owner, it is important to properly clean and maintain your inflatable units and bounce structures. Regular maintenance will save you money because you won't have to replace your equipment as often. It will also help with the growth of your business. To keep customers satisfied, the units should be clean, safe and reliable at all times. Improperly cared for units drive business away.


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