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Introducing Tent & Table's Rhino Line of Inflatables

Tent and Table is excited to unveil it's new Rhino line of commercial inflatables. These 100% commercial grade inflatables are the latest addition to Tent and Table's ever expanding collection of top of the line products.


Rhino Inflatables are the result of Tent and Table optimizing the efficiency of the production process to create quality, commercial grade products that we can offer our customers at an amazing price.


Rhino Bounce Houses are made from lead-free 15-ounce traditional matte finish vinyl to provide a strong playing surface. We also use heavy duty webbing and Velcro on all Rhino inflatables. Each unit comes with an entrance ramp with side rails. All the seams are double stitched with top rated heavy duty nylon thread. The entire unit features double and/or quadruple stitching throughout with an extra layer of vinyl sewn in at stress points. They also come with a zipper for quick and easy deflation, which also serves as an access point for the inside of the unit, and two straight blower chutes.
rhino3Tent and Table's Rhino inflatables come in variety of themes and color designs. These commercial inflatable units are designed for use by the party/event rental industry and will withstand the wear and tear from being used on a regular basis. All Rhino products are held to the same standard of quality as every other product that Tent and Table produces.

For look at some of the additional features of Tent and Table's Rhino line, check out this video featuring the man that designed them.

Now, there are some staples to the Tent and Table Inflatables that you will not see in a Rhino product, such as: Gator Mouth seams, an angled blower chute, glue strips,  metal d-ring straps for stakes and a gloss vinyl finish. If these options are important to you and your customers, then the Tent and Table (TNT) Inflatable line is still for you. However, if these options are just that, options, then we strongly encourage you to try the new Rhino Inflatable line of products.

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