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Now Is The Perfect Time To Prepare For Fall Fundraisers

Every season provides an opportunity to grow and expand your inflatable business. For many inflatable rental companies, summer is a very busy time of year. Warm temperatures, family reunions, birthdays and other public or private gatherings create optimal opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their business.


August, while still busy, is the perfect time to start planning for fall fundraisers. As everyone gets ready for back to school, daycares, churches, community centers, schools and many non profit organizations see the fall months as the perfect time to fundraise for their services and events.


Early planning for these functions can help your business grow by increasing clientele and reducing seasonal downtime. There are many things a proactive business owner can do to prepare for the fall fundraising season.




Spending some time learning about their community, who fundraises in the fall and the more popular campaigns will go a long way in knowing who to target. Research will help businesses not only gain important knowledge but also give insight on how to use that knowledge when approaching businesses, organizations or individuals about their services.




Companies spend a lot of time and resources promoting their business. It's an ongoing, continuous process. There are many expensive, inexpensive and free ways to advertise your business. Planning a marketing campaign ahead of time will give you time to create effective marketing tools that target a specific audience, season or event. Your marketing should not only promote your business but also inform potential clients on how your services will benefit them and their needs. The information gained from researching your community, their needs and current trends will be essential when developing effective marketing tools.


Taking Stock


Summer is a busy time for inflatable business rental companies. There are always a lot of events going on that provide a steady, demanding flow of clients. As business starts to slow down with the transition into a new time of year, it gives the business owner an opportunity to thoroughly clean and inspect their bounce houses and equipment. This is a great time to purchase additional repair kits, replace any damaged stock and fix wear and tear issues that the inflatable units have endured over the summer. It is also a perfect time to add to your stock by purchasing new bouncers, games, concessions and accessories. At Tent and Table, we have a variety of inflatable units, tents, concession equipment, games and the accessories you need to repair or replace your existing equipment.  Buying stock that will also target the needs of clients during the upcoming season will be beneficial in promoting and growing your business.


Like most businesses, inflatable unit rentals have different times of year that are a lot busier than other times. While bounce house companies might see highs and lows in the number of clients renting their equipment, a business does not have to completely stop operating with a change in season. Fall brings many significant changes to people's schedules and focus. With the start of a new school year, many people, businesses and organizations settle into the new fall routine that naturally follows. During this time, their reasons for hosting events also shifts. This is a perfect time for rental companies to promote their inflatable units to many organizations that are looking ahead to fundraising campaigns.

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