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Planning Ahead is Essential for Growing Your Inflatable Business

The most successful business owners are the ones that plan ahead. Owning an inflatable bounce house business is more than just buying and renting bounce houses. It's planning for tomorrow, next month, next year.


Like any business, there are peak times in the year when inflatable bounce houses are in high demand as well as slower periods when the rental companies are not as busy. There are many factors that contribute to a businesses performance during their on and off seasons. Understanding the highs and lows, and developing a business plan that addresses these periods will help a business owner thrive any time of the year.


In order to continue growing, new businesses need to look ahead. Some considerations that help in the long term planning of developing a successful inflatable fun house rental business include:


Owning Several Inflatable Units


People rent inflatable structures from rental companies, therefore, having more than one bouncer unit on hand for customers to choose from is important for growing a business. The more rental choices customers have, the more successful a business will be. Also, having new and current bounce houses in stock is equally important. New structures and games come out every year. It's important to keep on top of the trends and have more current inflatable structures available for customers to choose from.


Tent and Table is a great place to develop your stock. We sell many high end inflatable bounce houses and slides, accessories and equipment. Our inflatable units exceed government standards.


Care and Quality of Inflatable Structures


At Tent and Table, we make our inflatable play structures out the of highest quality materials. Our bounce house repair and maintenance kits are also made out of the finest materials to guarantee long lasting durability. Reliable, safe and well maintained inflatables will draw new customers as well as keep existing customers.


Understanding How Different Seasons Affect Business


Weather can play a paramount role in how busy an inflatable business can or will be. In states where the weather gets colder in the fall and winter, there is no need for outdoor water slides. Customers will not be planning outdoor events, but they will be planning indoor events. Having inflatable units that cater to all seasons and conditions will open many opportunities for the budding entrepreneur. Different types of inflatable equipment choices will create opportunities for customers to access your rental units no matter what the weather or season is.


Holidays and Special Events


The year is filled with different holidays and special events. Promoting a rental company that can cater and plan a holiday party or event will attract customers who are looking for ways to entertain their guests. There are many fun bounce houses and structures that are suitable for different holidays and events. Entrepreneurs who look ahead and plan for these holidays and events by maintaining appropriate and adequate stock will continue to increase their ongoing success.




Marketing is an ongoing process that should be included as part of a business owners duties. Continual marketing is essential for attracting new and existing customers. There are many ways for rental businesses to advertise and promote their products or services. Newspapers, fliers, signage, word-of-mouth, online social media, blogs, websites and ads are widely popular ways to promote a business. Creating a marketing plan will help a business develop strategies and marketing tools to ensure that the company name is continually visible to customers from all walks of life.


The Inflatable rental business is a thriving industry. Tent and Table can assist you with choosing the right equipment to help your new or existing business.




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