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Spring Cleaning Your Inflatable Rentals

When people think about spring they think of melting snow, renewed life, warmer temperatures, fresh air and spring cleaning. As the temperatures get warmer, homeowners enjoy the opportunity to open their windows and clear out the dusty, stale air created by months of winter confinement.

 But homeowners aren't the only ones who should be doing spring cleaning. This is the perfect time for inflatable businesses to pull their rentals out of storage and get them ready for the upcoming busy summer season.

Inflatable units that are not used during winter are usually stored away by their owners to protect them. Once the warmer weather comes, it's time to pull the units out and give them a thorough cleaning and examination. It should be inflated fully so that you can go over every part of the structure to look for any holes, leaks, wear, faded or worn out areas and unravelling or splitting of seams that might have gone undetected at the end of the busy season when the rental was put away.

Once the unit is set up, it should be gently washed with a mild, industry approved disinfectant cleaner and water. Cleaning the inflatable gives you an opportunity to look over the entire unit to find any stains, fading, mildew, marks and dirt. Any markings or particles that can be safely removed, should be.

Once the unit has been washed, it should be thoroughly inspected for any damage, tears, leaks or separations. It's important to find this damage on the unit early, when the affected area is small in size. Small leaks and rips are easier to fix and will ensure that the unit has a longer lifespan.  

At Tent and Table, we have everything you will need to repair your inflatables. From sealants and repair kits, to thread and needles, our products are the best on the market.Our SX-69 vinyl cement glue is designed for industrial use. It is made to withstand high traffic, heavy duty use. This superior sealant is hard, yet flexible and is not affected by extreme temperatures, weather conditions, fuel, grease, oil or chemicals. The SX-69 glue is easy to apply and dries very quickly. It can be used on different materials including vinyl, foam, laminated products, leather, metals, urethanes and films.

We also have several repair kits to choose from. Each kit comes with high quality vinyl patches in varying colors, our superior glue or sealant and a carrying case. Other products that may be included in the kits include a roller, nylon thread with a needle or a repair valve and tool. All of our repair kits come with everything you will need to ensure that your products are repaired properly using the best materials on the market.

We have nylon and polyester threads as well as straight or curved needles for your inflatables, bounce houses, tents, and other accessories.

Once your inflatable units have been cleaned, inspected and repaired, it's time to go through all of your accessories including your generators, blowers, air pumps, tarps, storage bags, sand bags, anchors, carts and dollies as well as inflatable and sports accessories. If you are missing any extra supplies or find they are damaged, now is the time to replenish your stock so that you will have everything you need to set up and operate your inflatable rentals at your upcoming events.

Spring cleaning isn't only for residential areas. It should also be done on your inflatable bouncers and interactive products. Cleaning your products and inspecting them when winter ends will guarantee that they are ready for summer. By annually inspecting your stock, you can find and repair any damage, replace missing parts and increase the life span of your rental.


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