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Summer Is Coming - Do You Need To Add Tents To Your Inventory?


Summer is coming, and that means it's the peak season for outdoor parties, weddings, and events. Everyone likes to enjoy the outdoors on a warm summer's day; however, heat, glaring sunlight, and the occasional afternoon rain shower can easily put a damper on the festivities. The best solution to this is to set up a large outdoor party tent. Tents from Tent and Table provide just the right amount of shelter and shade, while still letting in the fresh outdoor air. They can be decorated for weddings, birthday parties, and other events, and provide a place to stay out of the rain, enjoy some shade, and safely set up food and drinks without having to worry as much about insects.

If you're in the business of renting party equipment, you can boost your bottom line in the summertime by adding party tents to your inventory. There are several styles of tents that are commonly used for outdoor events, all of which are worth stocking to take advantage of the summertime rise in outdoor parties. By stocking various sizes of pole tents, frame tents, and tension tents, you can meet customer demand for temporary shelters for parties, weddings, festivals, and other events during the warmer months of the year.

Types of Party Tents

● Pole tents. Pole tents are held up by poles secured in the ground, both at the center and around the perimeter. They're tied down with ropes or cords to keep the canopy taut and stable. These lightweight, versatile party tents are available in a considerably large range of sizes, from tiny versions to cover a food or beer stand to tents capable of accommodating a massive wedding reception. The central support poles offer a unique opportunity for decoration; they can be festooned with garlands, ribbons, and other various decor elements.

● Frame tents. Instead of having a canopy supported by poles, frame tents use a metal support structure. One of the advantages of this type of tent is that there isn't any need for central poles, which can free up quite a bit of space. Although they're more complicated to set up than pole tents, they're somewhat more stable. They can also be set up on hard surfaces like tarmac and concrete, whereas most pole tents require soft ground. Like pole tents, they come in many sizes to accommodate different needs.

● Tension tents. Tension tents are similar to pole tents, supported by outer and central poles. However, the canopy remains taut without needing to be tied down. They have taller peaks than pole tents, which can keep the interior cooler by allowing for more air flow.


All three types of tents are commonly requested by customers who are looking to rent party equipment, from families planning birthday parties to communities getting ready for music festivals. It makes sense to keep all three in stock, preferably in a variety of sizes, to take advantage of the need for shade and shelter from the rain during outdoor summer events. Stocking tents can help you maximize your profits and retain customers by making sure you have everything that people need for an outdoor celebration. At Tent and Table, we can supply any tents you require for your inventory.

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