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Tent and Table Pole Tent Buying Guide


Pole tents are designed to be set up on grass or soft surfaces. A pole tent is secured and supported by driving stakes into the ground therefore it is not viable to install a pole tent on concrete or asphalt surfaces, unless you have the ability to stake into a hard surface.

A minimum 8 feet around the tent in required for staking. Larger tents will require a slightly larger footprint. The size of the tent determines the number of poles needed to support the canopy. 20’ x 20’ pole tents require one (1) center pole, 20’ x 30’ pole tents need two (2) center poles and three (3) center poled are required for 20’ x 40’ pole tents. All of our 20-feet wide pole tents have a one piece top.

Some clients like to use the poles as a feature, decorating them with vines, plants, fabric, or flowers. For others, the poles are an inconvenience, obstructing table layouts and views. Most people think that a pole tent is more pleasing to look at from the outside, as it creates peaks and dips in the overall shape of the tent, and there are no metal pipes visible on the inside.

Tent and Table carries two different varieties of 20-feet wide pole tents with each one designed with a specific application and budget in mind.

20x20 Economy Tent BT-2020EPTW- 026WEEKENDER POLE TENTS

The first is our Weekender line, our "over the counter canopy”. It is a great starter tent for the rental company new to the business or an affordable option for the homeowner or organization looking to purchase a tent for occasional use. Properly cared for this tent will last for years.

The tent top, poles and stakes come in a convenient polyethylene storage bag for easy transportation. This style of tent fits easily in the trunk of a car, and takes very little space to store when not in use. The Weekender tent top is built from a 14 oz PVC coated polyester. The top is a translucent fabric, meaning light will transmit through the top. It is also water proof, flame resistant, UV resistant, mold and mildew resistant.

The guy ropes and lock system are permanently attached to the tent top with a d-ring sewn to the top of the tent. The side poles and center poles are galvanized steel. The side poles are 7-feet tall, two-piece swaged fitted and the center poles are four-piece, 12 feet 9 inches tall. The swaged style poles have a push button lock. The longest component of the tent is 4 feet 1 inch tall. The stakes provided with this tent are an 18-inch angle iron stake.



The second product is our premium pole tent line. This tent is the mainstay of most tent rental companies and it will perform longer than our weekender line. Our premium pole tents have features that ensure a longer life in the rental industry, and are better suited for the end user that will be setting this tent up multiple times each year. Each premium pole tent has a heavy duty PVC coated polyester storage bag for the top, side poles and stakes. The fabric is a heavier 16oz/yard PVC coated polyester blockout material. This opaque material will not show staining and has a more durable finish than the translucent material used on the Weekender line. The top fabric is water proof, flame resistant, UV resistant, mold and mildew resistant.

All rope points on the premium tents have multi-layer reinforcements and a cast aluminum plate sewn into the tent to attach the guy ropes. Premium tents also come standard with 2-inch nylon webbing located at all rope attachment points for added strength. Jump ropes, to keep the pole attached to the top in windy conditions, are also standard on all our premium tents. The side poles and center poles are high-grade anodized aluminum. The aluminum pole system in these tents is lighter weight than with steel poles but has similar strengths. The side poles are 7-feet tall, two-piece swaged with push buttons. The center poles are four-piece, 14-feet tall. All swaged poles come with a push button lock. The longest component of this tent is 4 foot 1 inch tall. The stakes provided with this tent are a 30-inch single head carbon steel.

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