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Tips on Chair Tips

replacement_chair_tips_black_1Replacement chair tips are one of those items you never think about until you need one. They can wear out or fall off, and then you are left with a wobbly chair and an unprotected chair leg that can scratch surfaces.

Chair tips are most susceptible to fall off when chairs are used in a outdoor setting on a soft surface, such as, grass or sand. Chairs can sink into the ground and the tips can get stuck when the chair is pulled out. Having an inventory of replacement chair tips on hand will save you from digging tips out of the mud or sand when you are tearing down an event.

Tent and Table carries two styles of replacement chair tips. Our premium rubber tips come in variety of sizes, but the 3/4" diameter tips will fit most rental folding chairs. The bigger sizes can used for other items besides chairs and tables, including crutches and canes.

A more affordable option are our PVC replacement chair tips. These come in a variety of colors and fit most rental folding chairs. We recommend that PVC tips be installed in a warm setting for the best fit. The best way to do this is to place the tips in warm water before installation. This will soften the PVC material to make them easier to slide on. Secure tips by tapping them with a rubber mallet or piece of wood. Try to avoid using a metal object because they can scratch or gouge the PVC. Installing PVC tips when cold will make the material brittle and cause them to crack when placing on a chair leg.

Be sure to check out Tent and Table's selection of replacement chair tips. We offer quantity discounts on the PVC tips and sell the rubber replacement tips in convenient 40 packs.

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