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Tips On Repairing Your Inflatables

Tent and Table is your one stop shop for commercial inflatables and accessories. We carry a large selection of blowers, stakes and repair kits to help keep your inflatables up and running throughout the year.


Repair kits and patches are one of the most important things for your inflatable rental business to have on hand. You need to be able to make quick and long-lasting repairs to ensure your units can remain in use and generate revenue for your company. A bounce house or slide with a tear or rip will just take up space in your warehouse until it is fixed, and an inflatable repaired with duct tape looks unprofessional and can leave sticky residue. Instead of shipping off your units to get repaired, you can fix them yourself with our patch kit and other inflatable repair tools.

Here are some simple tips to help patch your commercial inflatable:

1. Clean the damaged area before applying patch: This may sound obvious and elementary to some, but some people will not follow this simple rule and their patch will not hold. Any dirt, debris or other residue can keep the adhesive from properly securing the patch.

2. Use vinyl cement adhesive: As it's name indicates, vinyl cement is designed for bonding vinyl materials. It is ideal for repairing commercial inflatables. Apply the vinyl cement, using a brush or roller, on both the patch and the surface that is being repaired. You should let the vinyl cement sit for 3-5 minutes before placing the patch to get ultimate tackiness. Tent and Table recommends using SX69 brand vinyl adhesive.

3. Cut patch in a round shape or with rounded corners: When cutting the vinyl patch, be sure to cut it a circular shape or a shape with rounded corners. Patches with sharp corners or angles are more likely to get caught on another surface and fall off.

Tent and Table also offer products to repair larger tears and seam repairs. All of these items are great to have on hand, so that your business can continue to get a return on investment on your commercial inflatables.

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