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What to Look For When Buying a Bounce House

Sports Bounce HouseA customer approaches a party equipment rental service with more than just top level manufacturing quality in mind. They come with certain expectations that are similar among all buyers, and other requirements that vary by client. It's never easy to categorize buyers just by how they will use the equipment. Party rental services must consider what to look for when buying a bounce house with the same mindset their clients have when renting from them. That information is not hard to access and it has a lot to do with using common sense.


Which Bounce Houses Should a Party Rental Service Carry?


The most crucial thing to understand is the difference in models by their size and theme. Inflatable bounce houses for indoor use may be subject to dimensional restrictions. Outdoor inflatable bounce houses can usually go up to any size. Regardless, it's important to figure out how many of each size should be in stock. Things can get dangerous if a company doesn't know how many models to buy. It's easy enough to stock a few cool bounce houses when renting out in a city with a sub-100,000 population. Yet, the fan-favorite models could be in use while other clients are requesting them. Business could walk out the door, supposing inventory is not perfect. On the flip side, no one wants to invest money in inflatable houses that waste space, so it's valuable to know what people want now, not what they once wanted.


The Popular Themes for Bounce Houses


The inflatable bounce castle is the most recognized bounce house to date. Things have come a long way since it first became popular though. Party rental customers can find almost any theme they could want, so if one rental service doesn't have it, they will go to the competitor that does.


As birthday parties are a main reason for renting a bounce house, it's important to carry models for both boys and girls. For boys, cars, pirates, and sports themes will never fail. For girls, the princess theme is definitely the way to go--especially with the hype over Frozen and the anticipation of it's continued fame.


Older kids aren't going to turn their back to some fun in a bounce house, either. Many party rental services get calls about themes relevant to their older child's interests. Camouflage and zombie themes are both great options, which work well with the (many) kids that love the Call of Duty series and similar video games.


Other Products Every Party Rental Service Needs


No party equipment rental company should sell themselves short. If there is a birthday party around a popular theme, the party rental service needs to have everything the parents could need. This includes items like chairs, tables, folding chairs and tables, heaters, lighting, dance floors, and more. Further, it is worth considering an inventory of other inflatable products that operate as bounce houses. A party rental service with combo style inflatable bounce houses will get a lot of appreciation from their clients. It's important to consider what to look for when buying a bounce house with many features. For example, there are models with built-in basketball nets, slides, and even water cannons.


Party rental companies have access to a much greater selection of products now. It's essential to stay a step ahead of the competitors and keep up-to-date with the coolest products. Some mainstays will never grow old, but a diverse catalog of inflatable bounce house options is always needed. With that said, don't forget what to look for when buying a bounce house, as a company can make a lot by choosing the right models to offer.


Contact us today at Tent and Table and take advantage of our expertise and knowledge when choosing a bounce house to add to your inventory.


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