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Zorb Balls Can Increase Your Rentals!

single_hole_tpu_zorb_ball_2Have you ever wondered what it's like to run on a hamster wheel? Well, riding a Zorb Ball can provide your customers with a similar experience! These unique party rentals can provide hours of fun for both children and adults, and are among the most requested inflatables for a birthday party, anniversary, prom, or other special event. Your customers can run or walk inside the ball, and these inflatables can become an instant conversation starter and ice-breaker at any party regardless of the age of the guests.


Zorb balls are an innovative way that party organizers can entertain their guests, and one of the most popular rental options for parties nowadays. Our zorb balls are safe, durable, and manufactured from a tough vinyl that provides your customers with the peace of mind they need. There are two different types of zorb ball. One involves the person being attached to a harness and then rolling around in the ball. The second has no harness, allowing your customers to bounce around the ball. You may decide to offer the former or latter to your customers, or provide both to extend your product range. 


We specialize in inflatable party items, tents, chairs, tables, and novelty items for party rental companies, and we have a wide range of products available to purchase. We pride ourselves on the customer service that we provide, and we're always upfront about our costs so you know exactly what you are paying for. Did you know that zorb balls can increase your rentals? These zorb balls can increase the revenue you generate from your business by offering your customers something unique and different rather than the conventional party inflatables that your competitors might offer. If you are looking for new ways to expand your product range and introduce new items in your rental business, zorb balls might be the product you are looking for.


Zorb balls make a great addition to any party, and because they are easy to clean and maintain, you will generate a good return on your investment. You can even sell tracks for your customers to use with their zorb ball, although our products can be used without this additional product. Have a look around our website for more information, just use the navigational options at the top of the page, or use our effective search engine which will provide you with a list of items based on your query in just a few seconds. What's more, we accept a wide range of payment methods giving you the flexibility and choice that you need when ordering party inflatables for your rental business.


At Tent and Table, we have a wide range of zorb balls available for purchase. Check out individual product pages for more information, shipping details, prices, high resolution photos, and product specifications. We have over 25 years experience when it comes to party rental products. You can even apply for financing, allowing you to generate revenue as you pay. For more information, head over to our financing page.

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