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Commercial Bounce Houses & More!

Premium Pole Tents

Tent and Table provides a variety of high quality pole tents choices to its customers. Outdoor events can range greatly, and the well-equipped party rental company is wise to invest in a selection of outdoor canopies in varied sizes. White canopies are the most versatile, working for just about any outdoor occasion or event. 20x20 canopies are excellent for small groups, check-in stations and refreshment booths at corporate or family events. They also prove useful for vendors setting up stations at outdoor craft fairs, farmer's markets and community festivals. Tent and Table also has up to 100 x 100 white pole tents available for larger needs.

Rental customers planning events on a larger scale will appreciate your provision of extra-large pole tents and canopy choices. These are perfect for those hosting large outdoor parties, wedding receptions, camp activities and organizational meetings. Colorful tent cover options are also excellent for the well-equipped rental company to consider for seasonal and themed event needs. Bright colors stand out, making a customer's booth or station easier to identify during busy events with multiple participants.