30' x 30' West Coast Frame Tent - Twin Tube Frame Only


Our replacement West Coast Twin Tube Tent Frames are one the best investments that a rental business can make. These tent frames are part of an expandable system which means that instead of purchasing a brand new tent as your business needs grow, you can simply purchase additional parts to expand your tent into larger sizes to accommodate more guests. This system saves your business money over the long run by not having to purchase brand new tents to fix your growing needs, just additional parts.

Unlike traditional pole tents, our West Coast Tent Frames feature a rigid framework that eliminates the need for center poles that would otherwise obstruct the flow of guests or be an obstacle for equipment setup. These twin tube tent frames are manufactured with high-quality, hardened steel fittings and heavy-duty, 4" outer diameter, double tube anodized aluminum spreader pipes. Anodized aluminum is an ultra-durable, lightweight alternative to steel pipes that is highly resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation, which means that these tent pipes will not leave any unsightly stains on your tent top and save you money by extending the life and longevity of your tent tops. Since these frames are twin tubes, that means that these frames are built to be remarkably durable and offer increased resistance to high winds.

Frame tents are great for everyday use and perfect for any outdoor party or event, including weddings and parties. In addition, these pipes and fittings will mix and match with most other manufacturer's west coast frame tent parts that use a two-tube base.

Note: Tent Frame Only. Tent Top, Ratchet Straps, and Stakes not Included.


  • 4" anodized aluminum single tube frame
  • Does not stain tent top due to corrosion or rust
  • Lightweight allowing easy set up and removal compared with steel
  • Center poles not required due to frame design
  • Fittings manufactured from 1.25" schedule 40 steel pipe and finished with a zinc plating
  • Expandable system - 5 different lengths of pipe and 6 different fittings
More Information
Product Condition New
Product Weight 792
Shipping Method Freight
Commercial Grade? Yes
Size 30' x 30'
Tent Frame Type Twin Tube West Coast Frame
Class Frame
Recommended Surface Use Blacktop / Asphalt , Concrete, Grass / Soft Surface
Compatible Tent Usage Premium Twin Tube West Coast Frame Tent
Tent Components Included Tent Frame only
Expandable? Yes
Tent Area 900 sq ft
Tent Width 30'
Pitch 7' 6"
Longest Component 21' 10.5"
Side Pole Height 6' 8"
Side Pole Outside Diameter 4"
Center Pole? No
UPC Number 754972326803

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