How Much Weight is Too Much for a Commercial Bounce House?

Whether you’re a parent who just bought a brand new bouncer for your kids, or a party rental business owner looking to expand into commercial inflatables, you’re likely going to find yourself asking the same question. How much weight can a bounce house hold? What’s the safe weight limit for a typical bounce house?

pairs of children's shoes stockpiled at the entrance way of a bounce houseAs you can probably imagine, there’s no unifying number here that truly defines weight limits for bounce houses. Each bouncer will have its own weight limit specification. But as a general rule, a commercial bounce house should be capable of handling anywhere from 300 to 1,000 pounds at a time (depending on the unit).

The weight limits of the commercial grade bounce houses we sell at Tent and Table typically fall between 700 pounds and 1,000 pounds, though some do have lower or higher weight limits.

To learn the maximum weight limit of a commercial bounce house or inflatable water slide sold by us, simply scroll down to the “Details” area and then click “More Information”. Maximum weight capacity is displayed here, in pounds.

Knowing how much weight a bounce house can hold is critical to ensuring the safe operation of you commercial inflatable. Be sure to check those specifications and always avoid hitting that limit at all costs. It’s not only dangerous for your equipment, but for the occupants of the unit as well.

Always try to gauge how many people are using the bounce house at once, and do your best to estimate how much each occupant weighs. Know how much weight that bounce house can hold at once, and do your best to avoid exceeding 70 percent to 75 percent of that maximum limit. This should provide you with a safe buffer and help you avoid surpassing safe operating limits.