Organizing a Special Christmas Party for a Local Youth Group

Youth groups play an integral and invaluable role in your local community. Providing kids a safe, fun, healthy opportunity to socialize and play together pays dividends not only in the lives of those kids, but in the community as a whole. And hosting a youth group Christmas party is a great way to get those kids together during their winter break from school.

It’s easy during the holiday season for kids to slip into the funk of gluing their eyes to screens and sofa surfing through their full break. So youth group get togethers offer kids a great chance for active, engaged, social play. And bounce houses, inflatable obstacle courses, and other inflatable games make for excellent centerpieces during these gatherings.

We don’t need to tell you that bounce houses and other inflatables are a whole lot of fun. But did you know they also provide well rounded plyometric fitness benefits? Jumping and bouncing in a bounce house provides the same type of exercise as jumping rope or squat thrusts ... just way more fun!

First Things First: Let’s Find a Venue

Here’s another fact we don’t need to really tell anyone: it’s cold in December. Too cold to set up a bounce house outdoors, for most of the country anyway. Temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can cause serious damage to vinyl, and more importantly, kids will be freezing. So does that mean you can’t use bounce houses in the winter?

Setting up a bounce house indoors is a perfectly reasonable and viable option for a lot of organizations. Youth groups organized by schools, churches, and local governments may have access to gymnasiums, banquet halls, and other large indoor spaces suitable for safely setting up and operating a bounce house. And they’ll likely have plenty of additional space for other fun youth group activities, too.

For those organizations that don’t have that sort of free space, and for rental operators looking to give back to their communities, there may be other options. See if you can collaborate with local schools or the PTA. You could reach out to the local government for assistance, too. And many areas have VA, Knights of Columbus, and other banquet halls that can be rented. Some may even volunteer their space for a day to help.

Finding the Right Inflatables for the Party

So what commercial inflatables are best for a youth group Christmas party indoors? Here are a few options:

  • Traditional bounce houses have a great size range, making them better suited to smaller, more confined spaces or huge cavernous arenas. They work just about anywhere.
  • Bounce house with slide combo units are larger and contain both a bounce house and an inflatable slide. They work great indoors during colder months, and outside when it gets warmer.
  • Inflatable Slides are fun dry in the winter and wet in the winter. They can be quite tall and large though, so some spaces may not be able to facilitate them.
  • Inflatable obstacle courses offer higher physical fitness rewards and encourage friendly competition. If your kids are especially rambunctious, or if your youth group is centered on fitness, you’ll definitely want one of these!
  • Inflatable games offer interactive play, with kids tossing balls and beanbags toward targets. These games are modular, meaning you can swap out their panels and change the game into something new on the fly. Inflatable games are great for fundraisers, too; simply think up some prizes, set up the game, and charge for attempts.
  • Carnival games are similar to inflatable games, but with more rigid structures and a broader variety of play styles. A dunk tank is great for fundraisers too, but they can get messy when used indoors.

A Super Fun Youth Group Christmas Party Awaits!

Make this Christmas the most memorable ever with a gorgeous commercial inflatableUnless you’re renting for just this youth group Christmas party you’re hosting, you can’t really think of inflatables in terms of just one single event. You’ll get plenty of uses out of these inflatables all year round. Youth group parties, fundraiser events, birthday parties … you can get a lot of mileage out of your well maintained and cared for inflatables.

Of course, renting or buying inflatables isn’t enough to organize a great youth group Christmas party. You’re going to need food, snacks, beverages, and decorations too. And let’s not forget having a cheery playlist of upbeat Christmas songs to enjoy!

This holiday season, you can create a brilliantly fun and engaging Christmas party the kids in your youth group will never forget. Commercial inflatables are as durable as they are fun, and you’ll have a difficult time finding kids who don’t love playing in them. Give us a call today at 1-716-832-8368 and we’ll gladly help you find the perfect inflatables for your youth group’s Christmas party!