Good things come in threes.” How many times has that phrase been referenced throughout the years? A BLT sandwich, the rule of three, the Hanson Brothers?

Tent and Table decided to hop on the magical number train in the third month of the year and launch brand new party equipment trio packages that are in-stock and ready-to-ship to your event rental business. Whether you’re looking for inflatables certified in your state, needing tents for festival season, or are a first-time rental company owner, we have something for you. Keep reading for some of our personal favorite trio packages. 

Tent Trios

Outdoor wedding season is rapidly approaching. High Peak Frame Tents give a timeless, elegant look to any ceremony and dining area, while West Coast Frame Tents are great for check-in ares, cocktail hour while the main tent is transformed, or additional space for any vendors and caterers. The Frame Tent Trio contains two High Peak Frame Tents and one West Coast Frame Tent. This package is ideal for larger weddings needing more than one tent or it gives rental businesses the flexibility to book two smaller weddings in the same weekend, using one High Peak Tent for each and adding on the frame tent where needed.

Art shows, festivals, and farmers markets are other popular warm-weather events. The Festival Package has 10’ x 10’ frame tents which make quick weekend setups and takedowns simple. First time setting up a frame tent or need a refresher? Watch this setup video here.  

Backyard Party kits include a 20’ x 20’ pole or frame tent, 6 tables, and 40 chairs. Pole tents are great for setups on grass and soft surfaces, while frame tents are preferred for asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces. 

Commercial Inflatable Trios

We know certain themed units are more popular for one rental company over another. Many of our customers tell us how much their clients love the classic rainbow inflatables while others repeatedly opt for the backyard tropical vibes. We bundled some of our favorite themes into various slide and bounce house packages, like these Tropical and Rainbow trios.

The PA/NJ Certified bundle is great for event pros searching for in-stock inflatables available to ship now and live in a state that requires approved units. This commercial trio is currently approved by both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so party company owners in these states can save time researching each inflatable and confidently add all three to their rental fleet.

Rental-Lite Trios

Our Rental-Lite line has created quite a buzz recently in the event rental industry. These are smaller, lightweight units made of a vinyl mix and commercial-inspired build. They’re good for first-time rentals, pickup only rentals, and smaller children use. To learn more about our Rental-Lite inflatables and see how they compare to a traditional commercial unit, watch here.

For those in the southern or warmer parts of the country, we put together a Rental-Lite Waterslide Trio, which contains a rainbow, tropical, and pink slide. Double your fun - and the amount of kids that can slide - with the Rental-Lite Double Slide Bounce House Combo Trio. Again, our Rental-Lite line is great for those who are just starting out in the party rental industry and offer a quick ROI with their lower price point.

So there you have it. These are just some of our favorites described above. All Trio Packages are live on our website now. Items in these bundles are in-stock and ready to ship. Even better? They’re all on sale right now! See all trios here

We are confident that these trios will suit any party rental company’s needs, whether new to the industry or a seasoned vet. Feel free to call and speak with a sales representative if you have any questions, (716) 832-TENT. We wish you the best this rental season and look forward to working with you!