1. From a 'Space Walk' to a 'Moonwalk,' 50 Years On

    From a 'Space Walk' to a 'Moonwalk,' 50 Years On
    Did You Know Bounce House Inflatables and the Moonwalk were Related? Spend just about any amount of time in the party rentals business, and you'll likely end up hearing someone refer to an inflatable bounce house as a "moonwalk," "space walk," or "spacewalker." And you'd be perfectly justified in assuming why they call it that, too. At face value, it...
  2. What To Do Instead of a Bounce House?

    Throwing a birthday party for your kids isn't always easy. Sometimes plans can change in an instant. It's always good to have a backup party plan in mind, and we're here to help! Wondering what to do instead of a bounce house if your event or party plans change? 5 Things To Do Instead of a Bounce House: Still want...

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