Floor Dryers

A Commercial Floor Dryer Gets a Wet Floor Dry. ‘Nuff Said

Spills happen. Bad weather happens. It can’t be helped. And a wet floor doesn’t always play nicely with, say, an indoor bounce house or your table and chair layout. Investing in a commercial floor dryer protects your valuable equipment from damage, warping, mold and mildew, and worse.

A centrifugal floor dryer works sort of like a box fan, like you might use after mopping your kitchen, only considerably more powerful and focused on the floor more than the room in general. Designed for commercial use in the party and event industry, the floor dryer/floor blower is meant to work on just about any surface, including hardwood, tile, or concrete. They work great as a carpet dryer, too!

A commercial floor dryer can be yours at a fair price! Give our sales team a call at 1-888-322-5606 to learn more about our floor dryer and bounce house blower product lines today.