A Cozily Warm Space Heater at a Comfortably Cool Price

Hailing from Buffalo, New York—a city famous for its epic winter storms and band after band of lake effect snow—we might appreciate our space heater products more than most of our competitors.

A great space heater should be energy efficient and loaded with safety features to prevent fires. It should have reliably accurate heat settings including, of course, an adjustable thermostat. It should have a pretty big heating area too, covering as many square feet as possible. And our products deliver on all of the above.

A portable propane heater can heat a room quickly, and automatically shuts off when it’s starting to run the risk of overheating. And we offer a great selection of personal space heaters that can get the job done.

An outdoor heater is perfect for outdoor parties and events, for use in camping or on construction sites, and more. Indoor units can keep your office warm without growing your energy bills, shy of the propane tank you’re filling up and connecting, anyway.

Chat with a portable space heater expert today at 1-888-322-5606 and learn why you should be investing in these profitable rental equipment units for the months when bounce house and party tent rentals slow down!