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Count on Tent and Table for tent lights that give your event a wonderful glow.

Hosting an outdoor event in the daytime is already fun and exciting. But when the sun sets, the potential for magic rises.

It's simply too difficult to control light during the day. The only thing that can is nature itself - a good layer of non-rainy clouds can help temper the glaring effects of the sun. But at night, you get all the control, and can make all the rules. With the right canopy tent lighting, you can create an enchanting atmosphere that attendees will remember fondly.

Illuminating options

More than just camping lights, our tent lights are made to look beautiful when switched off or on. We offer an array of tent lights, from lampposts to strings and even chandeliers, for a centerpiece that lets you distribute just the right amount of light effectively. We also carry accessories such as hooks that let you place those lights exactly where you want.

All you have to do is think about the type of event you are hosting:

  • Wedding receptions. Love will already be in the air, and with the right lights, you can make it look even more magical.
  • Awards banquets. Whether it's a fundraising group or chamber of commerce celebrating its success from the past year, that success looks even more amazing when lit according to your vision.
  • With the proper lighting, you can help control your event's focus on raising important funds for its future.

We can help you make decisions about wedding tent lighting ideas and more. At Tent and Table, we've earned an outstanding reputation for good customer service. Let a personal consultant help you figure out how to cast your event in the best light.