Inflatable Repair

Inflatable Repair

Make Inflatable Repair Easier with a Vinyl Patch Kit

As an event and party rentals professional, you surely dread encountering punctures. Your blood pressure probably just spiked from reading that word, actually. But don’t worry: Tent and Table offers a great selection of vinyl repair kits, vinyl patch kits, and other products that will help you breathe a whole lot easier.

A color matching vinyl patch kit works great for repairing a bounce house or an inflatable water slide. They can also be used to repair an inflatable kayak or another type of inflatable boat, too. And we offer a large assortment of vinyl adhesive options, including liquid tape and TEAR-AID vinyl repair patches. You may not be able to find some of our products in local stores, either!

The repair process is relatively straightforward, too. Simply clean and dry the damaged area, then follow the instructions as listed to get your damaged inflatable equipment back in action.

Tent and Table has a great variety of repair compounds, including cement glue, marine glue, and more. We offer different types of cement as well, including the ever-popular HH-66 vinyl cement and powerful SX-69 adhesive vinyl cement.

We’d love to help you find the perfect inflatable repair solutions for your needs. Please give us a call at 1-888-322-5606 and tell us about your damaged equipment. We’ll be glad to talk through the options with you!