Inflatable Anchoring

Anchors for Inflatables

It’s difficult to manage your party rentals business when your commercial inflatables end up three blocks away due to Mother Nature’s peculiar sense of humor. Anchoring your inflatables is a critical part of the job. And you need to know the inflatable anchors you’re using are up to the job.

A Sandbag anchor and an inflatable water bag anchor work in much the same fashion: you can use them to weigh down your inflatables and prevent them from leaving the ground. And when used in conjunction with our nylon straps and ratchet tie downs, these anchors will prevent Mother Nature from getting too carried away with her aforementioned pranks … or letting her pranks carry your inflatables away, which is a whole lot worse.

Our commercial sandbags for inflatables are double stitched and made of highly durable 18 oz. vinyl, so they can withstand the rigors of commercial or even industrial use. And our water bag inflatables use that same heavy duty commercial vinyl, too. We also have a great selection of steel stakes with forged heads and heat drawn points. If you want to make sure your inflatable investments stay secure, Tent and Table has you covered!

Speak with our renowned sales team to learn more about ways you can protect your inflatables and other event rental equipment using Tent and Table’s industry-leading setup and teardown equipment!