Bounce House Slide Combos

Bounce House with Slide Combos

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Bounce House with Slide | Bounce Houses with Slides for Sale

A commercial bounce house with slide makes a traditional bounce house (also known as a jumper, jump house, bouncer, bouncy castle, or moonwalk) considerably more fun with an inflatable slide or inflatable water slide built into the combo bounce house itself.

A bounce house rental unit with an attached slide may cost a bit more than a traditional jump house, but commercial bounce house with slide combo rentals will usually bring in more money than other inflatable rentals.

A bounce house with slide combo takes the bounce house concept to the next level when you throw some H2O into the mix. An inflatable water slide transforms your otherwise dry bounce house into a palatial summer fortress of fun that will surely make yours the premium local party rentals company.

Tent and Table is a leading outlet for party equipment rental companies nationwide. We have a huge selection of NFPA certified options when you want to find a commercial bounce house with slide for sale, and that includes inflatable water slides, bounce houses with slides, and bounce house slide combos! Chat with our sales team today to learn why Tent and Table should be your number one source for purchasing combo bounce house rental equipment.