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Looking for Bounce House Inflatables? You Found Them!

They go by a lot of names. “Bounce house,” “moonwalk,” “bounce walker,” “spacewalker,” “bouncy castle” … there are lots of different ways to say it, but you can sum them all up in a single word: fun. And when you need to find an inflatable bounce house for sale, Tent and Table has you covered.

We’ve got a huge selection of bounce house inflatables to choose from, with both outdoor and indoor options to cater toward any event. From birthday parties to large scale corporate events, Tent and Table has commercial bounce house options that will suit the needs of your party equipment rental company.

A Bounce House With Industrial Strength and Commercial Safety

Here at Tent and Table, we believe products need to be safe, reliable, professional, and fun. We know your event rentals business is looking for those same things, too. It’s unlikely you’ll ever find a client who wants their inflatable bounce house rental or other party rentals to be anything less.

Each of the bounce house inflatables we offer has an attractive glossy vinyl finish, and comes with built in brochure and business card holders. We use gator seams to prevent a common stress point in inflatables that would otherwise lead to costly repairs. We want to know each inflatable bounce house for sale on our website is oriented toward your rentals company and your needs.

We pride ourselves on ensuring all of our products, from bounce houses to party tents to inflatable water slides to repair kits, adhere firmly to U.S. safety standards. We want to know our products can withstand the rigors of commercial use. And safety and reliability are critical to ensuring our products aren’t just fun, but consistently fun.

We Want to Help You Find the Perfect Bounce House for Sale!

Ready to find out why Tent and Table is a company worth partnering with? Chat with a commercial bounce house expert at 1-888-322-5606 and learn more about our products, our warranties, and the financing options available on nearly every commercial bounce house for sale on our site!