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Interactive Inflatable Games for Outdoor and Indoor Fun!

There’s no denying a giant inflatable bouncing house or an inflatable water slide are both super fun and excellent investments for any party rentals company. But there are so many more options out there in the inflatable games space, too.

With our selection of interactive games, your customers and their event guests can enjoy a wide variety of exciting forms of indoor and outdoor play.

Send them zorbing down an inflated obstacle course, running their zorb balls through the paces in a fun physical take on extreme racing. Let them blow off some steam duking it out in a playful and safe boxing ring with oversized gloves, or enjoy other fun sports games. Or take your customers back to medieval times with an exciting inflatable jousting ring!

Tent and Table’s selection of fun interactive playgrounds and games will allow your rental company to build an enormous inflatable playground for your customers. You can offer so much more than just a bounce house. With these exciting games, you can send them on a proper adventure!

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