Save on our Commercial Inflatable Slide Obstacle Courses for Sale

Obstacle Course Slides for Sale | Inflatable Rock Climb Slides

Looking for an inflatable obstacle course slide for sale? Tent and Table is your #1 supplier of commercial inflatables and inflatable obstacle course slides! Our heavy duty obstacle course slides feature an ultra-safe, "No-Jump Top"™ design and an exclusive Gator Mouth™ stress relief system.

We offer a large selection of commercial obstacle course slides for sale for your party rental or inflatables business. Take a look at our incredible Venom and Mega rock climb slides, retro rainbow rock climb obstacle course slides, radical run obstacle course slides, obstacle courses with slip-n-slides and more. Our inflatable obstacle course slides for sale can be combined with additional courses and U-turn units!

Have questions about any of our commercial inflatable obstacle course slides for sale? Contact us today and our team of dedicated, experienced inflatable specialists can help you choose the obstacle course slide that's right for you!