Floor Dryers


A Floor Dryer Gets a Wet Floor Dry. ‘Nuff Said

Spills happen. Bad weather happens. It can’t be helped. And a wet floor doesn’t always play nicely with, say, an indoor bounce house or your table and chair layout. Investing in a floor dryer (also known as a blower fan) protects your valuable equipment from damage, warping, mold and mildew, and worse.

Have you ever used a box fan as a floor dryer after having just mopped your kitchen? A centrifugal blower fan works in much the same fashion, only it’s considerably more powerful. These commercial grade floor dryers aim directly at the floor, rather than the room at large, making them dramatically more effective at getting a wet floor dry in a hurry.

Designed for commercial use in the party and event industry, our professional floor dryers are meant to work on just about any surface, including hardwood, tile, or concrete. They’re dynamically applicable as floor and carpet dryers both. And check out our commercial grade dehumidifiers, ventilation fans, and other blower fans too!

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