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Commercial Portable Folding Bars & Podiums

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Putting a Professional Grade Portable Folding Bar to Work

Any versatile party equipment rental business should cater to as many types of events as possible. Doing that means you’ll want a selection of commercial portable bars that can be packed slim and put up quickly. And that’s what you’ll get out of every portable bar for sale here at Tent and Table.

Featuring a sleek, super functional mobile bar design and crafted from high quality laminated wood, our portable bars are useful for more than simply displaying drinks. Customers have used our portable folding bars in all sorts of applications.

One of our portable bars can function as a presentation stand at an arts and crafts show. Use it to display smaller products for sale at a trade show. Display picture frames at a family event. Portable shelving has too many uses to name, and our portable bars are up to the challenge.

Find the Perfect Portable Podium for Sale

Like portable bars, a commercial grade portable podium is built to be agile and applicable to any number of situations. From a speaker addressing a convention hall, to customer service agents helping guide festival attendees, to serving as a valet podium in a parking area, a portable podium has a seemingly endless list of uses.

The top of the podium stand is slightly angled to enhance the ease of a speaker’s view of their documents. Each podium is crafted from high quality commercial grade wood and professionally laminated to help it withstand the wear and tear the rental business puts equipment through.

Buy Portable Bar and Portable Podiums Today!

From birthday parties to weddings to events hosted by local businesses, the commercial portable bars and podiums for sale at Tent and Table will serve event staff and your rental team diligently.

All of our products have been field-tested in live rental environments and improved over the years through customer feedback. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with these high quality commercial grade products.

Call our expert sales team today at <a href="tel:1-716-832-8368">1-716-832-8368</a> and let us help you find the perfect folding bar or portable podium to complement your next party rental equipment booking!