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Staging and Sub Flooring

Portable Stage: Commercial Grade Portable Stage for Sale

They say that all the world’s a stage. We don’t really know if that’s true or not. But we can definitely tell you this: a high quality commercial grade portable stage from Tent and Table will certainly feel like the best portable stage in the world while you’re setting it up.

If you’re looking for a professional portable stage for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Each portable stage we sell is designed and built for the rental market. That means they’re easy to assemble. They’re durable and resilient, capable of holding up to life on the road. And they’re extremely sturdy and safe. Your rental customers shouldn’t need to think about the staging during the event, and these high quality portable stages are built soundly so they won’t have to notice them.

Our stages use commercial grade components. Each stage deck is supported by heavy duty steel frames with diagonal supports, with a powder coated finish that looks professional and helps prevent rust. The hand tightened, tool-free legs are made with galvanized steel and drilled in 1” increments for easier adjustment and assembly. And stage deck components are roto-locked and use tough connecting clips built for repeated use. And did we mention most of our stages are built right here in the United States?

Versatility Makes the Perfect Portable Stage Even Better

Our portable stages are semi-modular. You can create flat or multilevel stages. And there are lots of creative uses for our portable stages, too. Set them up as tiered seating, or use them as risers to lift your heavy PA speakers off the ground. You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to using the innovative portable stages for sale at Tent and Table!

When it comes to event staging, your customers expect their portable stage rental to handle any type of event they dream up, and that’s precisely what our portable stages for sale can do. They’ll deliver regardless of whether it’s a public speech, an art exhibit, a press conference, a poetry jam, or a full-fledged rock concert.

Not sure which portable stage for sale at Tent and Table is perfect for your rental business, church group, school, or other organization? Give our sales team a call at 1-888-322-5606 and let us help you assemble flawless event staging that will outperform your expectations season after season!