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A High Peak Tent: Unparalleled Event Elegance

Frame tents can be beautiful and add a great deal of charm to any event, but they lack the traditional aesthetics of a pole tent. Some outdoor events will frankly require a little more pizzazz than a frame tent can deliver, but are large enough functions that you need the extra space a pole tent doesn’t have.

Enter our high peak frame tents. Large commercial tents aimed toward upscale outdoor events. A wedding, a graduation, a gathering of corporate brass at an outdoor luncheon … our high peak frame tents ooze aesthetic elegance. Whether you’re seating a handful of children at a princess party or hosting titans of industry at a corporate outing, this high quality party tent will captivate your guests with its charm.

What really sets these apart from classic pole tents, however, is their functional internal space. Instead of using center poles, the center is elevated with an easy to install pole resting on cross cables and a frame tension. The end result? The traditional attractiveness of a pole tent with the functionality of a frame tent.

Don’t let the eye-catcher qualities of a high peak tent fool you, though. This is a strong, durable, stable event tent, built using heavy duty commercial grade components. It will hold up impressively to the weather and to the stresses and strains of heavy commercial use.

What’s more, high peak frame tents can be set up quickly by just one or two people. They’re easy to maintain, too, requiring roughly the same sort of maintenance any other canopy tent might need.

If your event rentals business deals in wedding rentals, you’re going to need some great wedding tents in your arsenal. If you hope to book corporate events, large graduation parties, and other upscale functions, you’ll need something fancy for them as well. A high peak frame tent might be the perfect centerpiece for the rental equipment you offer your clients.

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